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Featured Products

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Cedar Pet Dog BedCedar Pet Dog BedYour cedar dog bed with removable cedar headboard keeps pet and pet bed area smelling fresh. Washable fleece mattress cover plus cedar infused into cotton-blend liner. Option to laser-engrave pet's name. Warranty against manufacturer's defect.
Dog Corner Bed w/ BolsterDog Corner Bed w/ BolsterAn extra large dog bed with bolster that fits in any corner.
18" Raised Single Mesh Dog Diner18" Raised Single Mesh Dog Diner
A 15" and 18" tall raised single mesh dog diner suitable for large dogs. This 3 quart dog diner is available in black with wrought iron base and stainless steel dog bowl.
Moretti Double Bowl Dog DinerMoretti Double Bowl Dog DinerModern tubular design of the Moretti double bowl dog diner ensures durability and sturdiness. Stainless steel dog bowls add to the splendour of your elevated dog feeder.
Swan Double Elevated Diner for DogsSwan Double Elevated Diner for DogsAn eye-catching and elegant double stainless steel bowl dog diner made with rectangular steel tubing and ornamental wrought iron. Quite an airy and modern dog feeder.
Southern Maple Single/Double Dog DinerSouthern Maple Single/Double Dog DinerFREE SHIPPING!! You will be stunned at the convenience and elegance of your classic, elevated, walnut top, southern maple wooden dog diners.

Dog Bowls/Diners

The dog bowls/dog diners on this page are all elevated dog feeders or non-elevated cat / dog feeding dishes.

The highest quality stainless steel dog bowls are available on all diners, while some models come with ceramic dog bowls.

You can select from the single, double or triple bowl dog diners as well as the tiny regal dog diners. We also have wooden double dog diners.

Take a look at the diverse selection of designs and finishes of all our raised pet feeders. Both the raised single mesh dog diner and the single pyramid dog diner are suitable for large dogs.

The oval base pet diner is ideal for your small pet, while the raised oval cross dog diner is a great sanitary pet feeding station.

Check out the natural maple wood finish of the raised wooden dog diner while the Baron triple bowl dog diner is ideal for puppies that need a raised pet feeder.

Our elevated dog diners also include the mod design Austin Dog Double Diner.

Browse the extensive listing of dog diners and dog placemats below  - you will find a dog dish to fit your style and your home decor.

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Petite Ash Single Bowl Dog DinerPetite Ash Single Bowl Dog DinerA small lightweight and elegant dog diner with stainless steel dog bowl that's perfect for small dogs and cats. Made in the USA from natural ash wood, your petite ash single diner is a treat.
Dog Diner PlacematsDog Diner PlacematsFREE SHIPPING!! Your dog double or single diner placemat lets your cat or dog eat in style. Used as a dog bowl placemat, your pet placemat is a classy pet feeding mat.
18" Raised Single Mesh Dog Diner18" Raised Single Mesh Dog Diner
A 15" and 18" tall raised single mesh dog diner suitable for large dogs. This 3 quart dog diner is available in black with wrought iron base and stainless steel dog bowl.
18" Raised Single Pyramid Dog Diner18" Raised Single Pyramid Dog DinerA well tapered 18" raised single pyramid dog diner ideal for your large dog. Available in 3qt. size and two colors.
Raised Circle Bone Dog DinerRaised Circle Bone Dog DinerCheck out this raised circle bone dog diner with stainless steel or ceramic bowl. Easy to keep area clean. This dog bowl is especially useful for messy eaters.
Raised Single Baron Dog DinerRaised Single Baron Dog DinerAn elegant designer dog bowl. The small dog diner is 5" high and the XLg is 18" in height. Your raised dog diner holds up to 3 qts. and is available in black. The small size is also useful as a cat feeder.
Raised Single Mesh Dog DinerRaised Single Mesh Dog DinerOur single dog bowl mesh diner is available in five sizes and seven attractive ceramic colors with heights of 5", 7", 10", 15" & 18". Choose either the stainless steel dog bowls or the ceramic bowls.
Raised Single Pyramid Dog DinerRaised Single Pyramid Dog DinerThis raised pyramid dog diner encourages proper nutrition and helps pet owners that suffer from stiff muscles and sore joints. Available with stainless steel or ceramic bowls.
Vision Indoor/Outdoor Single Dog DinerVision Indoor/Outdoor Single Dog DinerAn elevated single dog diner to be used indoor or outdoor. Stainless steel dog bowl holds 3 quarts. Useful as a dog feeder bowl or a dog water bowl for large dogs.
Arbor Dog Double DinerArbor Dog Double DinerAn arbor double dog diner with a lovely organic and minimalist look. It is a dog diner that blends a natural tree branch motif with clean curved lines.
Cityline Cantilever Dog Double DinerCityline Cantilever Dog Double DinerYour Cantilever dog double diner is a specialty dog diner available in 4 sizes and a choice of stainless steel or ceramic designer dog bowls. The dog bowls hold from 1 to 3 quarts. Non-skid pads on the bottom help to restrict movement.
Chariot Double Dog DinerChariot Double Dog DinerAn elevated dog double diner with full wrought iron frame and stainless steel dog bowls. It features sleek rectangular design, angle iron legs and crystal non-skid plastic tips.
Dog Tray Top Double DinerDog Tray Top Double DinerYour raised tray top double dog diner encourages proper nutrition for your dog or cat. It is a dog diner that reduces the stress your pets experience when eating from floor-level dog bowls. Available in heights of 5 inches, 7 inches, 10 inches and 15 inches.
Double Regal Diner (w/Ceramic Bowls)Double Regal Diner (w/Ceramic Bowls)Your double regal diner is perfect for your small dog. Weighs 4lbs and is elevated only 3"! Available with your choice of ceramic dog bowls or stainless steel dog bowls. A pet safe dog feeder.
Libro Dog Double DinerLibro Dog Double DinerA wrought iron elevated dog double diner with 3qt. dog bowls for large dogs. Available in a large and two different xlarge sizes for tall dogs.
Low Raised Double Isosceles Dog DinerLow Raised Double Isosceles Dog DinerA low raised double dog diner that helps to keep the dog or cat feeding station clean. Available in 3 qt. sizes while the dog bowls are presented in stainless steel or attractively colored ceramic pottery.
Oval Base Pet Diner (1/2 pt.)Oval Base Pet Diner (1/2 pt.)This oval shaped dog diner for small pets is available in 1/2 pint size only. Your small pet diner comes in black, silver moon and white colors.
Porchside Indoor/Outdoor Dog Double DinerPorchside Indoor/Outdoor Dog Double DinerA dog double diner made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic. Your dog diner comes in black or white colors with stainless steel dog bowls.
Raised Double Baron Dog DinerRaised Double Baron Dog DinerA strong double dog diner made with wrought iron stands and stainless steel bowls. The extra large diner is 18" tall - truly fitting for a Baron.
Raised Double Bone Dog DinerRaised Double Bone Dog DinerThis Double Bone Dog Diner is available in 1, 2, & 3qt sizes. The black and silver moon color variations compliment the high quality design.
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